Terms of Service




1. In order to provide customers with high-quality and stable services and to provide a basis for dispute resolution, these "Terms of Service" are formulated.

2. When purchasing services or products, you must agree to these "Terms of Service". Purchasing services or products and completing payment are deemed as agreement to these "Terms of Service".

3. Users enjoy the rights specified in these "Terms of Service" and must fulfill the obligations specified herein. Disputes arising between users and CUBECLOUD in the use of product services shall be handled according to these terms.

4. CUBECLOUD reserves the right to interpret these user service agreements finally.


Usage Terms


1. CUBECLOUD complies with the local laws and regulations of the countries/regions where business is conducted, including but not limited to China, Hong Kong, and the United States. Any activities with our services must comply with local laws.

2. The use of OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and any form of proxy services is prohibited.

3. Virtual hosting products share bandwidth. To ensure stable transmission of network packets, the use of multi-threaded packet forwarding tools such as Finalspeed is prohibited, and continuous occupation of bandwidth is prohibited.

4. Reselling or publicly sharing CUBECLOUD's services or products without authorization is prohibited.

5. It is prohibited to run software that consumes significant CPU, bandwidth, or disk resources, such as traffic mining, various virtual currencies, video hang-ups, cluster computing, and traffic brushing.

6. It is prohibited to use the host for outbound or inbound packet transmission, ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scanning for weak passwords, malicious enumeration, and interference with the operation of other servers.

7. When using CUBECLOUD's product services, users must comply with Chinese laws.

8. CUBECLOUD only guarantees the normal operation of the products and services sold or provided. The CUBECLOUD team has no obligation to assist with any software issues.

9. Use the ticketing system reasonably, respect customer service, prohibit abuse or harassment of customer service, sending meaningless tickets, continuously harassing customer service with tickets, ticket bombing, etc. If abusive behavior towards customer service or malicious damage to CUBECLOUD's reputation is discovered, we reserve all legal rights.

10. According to Article 24 of the "People's Republic of China Cybersecurity Law," network operators must conduct real-name authentication when handling related services such as network access and domain name registration for users.

11. Except for dedicated server series, any user self-nesting of virtualization is prohibited.

12. It is prohibited for the same user to open multiple accounts and engage in mutual referral rebate behavior.

13. It is prohibited to upload and promote illegal content such as pornography, obscenity, and child pornography.


Currency Settlement


Currently, sales are available in three currencies: Chinese Yuan (CNY), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), and United States Dollar (USD). The pricing of products in three currencies varies according to overseas payment channels and other operational cost factors.

Switching currencies on the sales page can display different prices corresponding to different currencies/regions. The final payment will be based on the selected payment method (currency) for corresponding (currency) sales price deduction.


Example 1: Placing an order at the USD sales price and selecting Alipay/WeChat (CNY) payment method at checkout will settle the transaction in Chinese Yuan (CNY) at the sales price.

Example 2: Placing an order at the CNY sales price and selecting PayPal (USD) payment method at checkout will settle the transaction in United States Dollar (USD) at the sales price.

Example 3: Placing an order at the CNY sales price and selecting credit card (HKD) payment method at checkout will settle the transaction in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) at the sales price.


Refund Guarantee and Dispute Resolution


All products do not provide refund services, except in the following cases:

1. Product termination of sale before the end of service.

2. Server failure exceeding 24 hours.

In both cases, refunds will be made proportionally based on the remaining duration.


If users initiate a refund dispute with the payment platform despite acknowledging the refund terms, we reserve the right to delete accounts, blacklist users, synchronize information to third-party credit bureaus, pursue economic losses, and pursue legal liability.




1. Services rendered unusable or data loss due to user arrears, failure to renew, or forgetting to renew.

2. Services rendered inaccessible or data loss due to user operations or other related improper behaviors.

3. Services rendered inaccessible or data loss due to the user's server content or usage behavior violating the terms of service, usage terms, or legal regulations.

4. Inaccessibility or data loss due to force majeure (social/natural).

5. Inaccessibility or data loss due to accidental hardware/disk failures.

6. Inaccessibility or availability reduction due to line jitter, maintenance, or cable breakage by third-party operators.

Reservation of Rights


CUBECLOUD reserves the final interpretation right of these terms.

CUBECLOUD reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice.


Additional Terms


To prevent malicious occupation of I/O resources, VPS products can be reinstalled up to 30 times per month. The number of times will be reset in the next payment cycle if exhausted.

We provide automatic renewal functionality for our products. You can ensure sufficient balance in your account before the renewal bill is generated (10 days before the end of service). The system will automatically deduct the amount for renewal when the renewal bill is generated.

Excess traffic and refund requests for special needs will be charged at a rate of 35 yuan/300G (5 USD/300G). No fees will be charged for less than 5G of traffic, and less than 300G will be charged as 300G.

We provide hardware RAID (1/5/10) for all products to maximize data security. However, except for users who order additional off-site backup services, off-site backup services are not provided. Users should take their own backup measures.

We retain users' servers for up to three days after expiration, but we make no guarantees. After the service expires, data will be released at any time, and users shall bear the corresponding consequences of data loss due to failure to renew in a timely manner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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